What should we know about Viagra?

Modern drug market has to deal with thousands of diseases some of which were known to be incurable until present times. More than that some health troubles which were even not considered to be diseases are now referred to not only as the diseases but as curable ones as well. Impotence is one of them.

What is impotence? Impotence (another name – ED) is a disease causing problems with an erection in a male’s body. It’s a tricky health problem as it appears almost from nowhere hiding its roots so deep that for a long time it was merely taken as an inevitable thing that couldn’t be fought. Now the roots of impotence are brought to the surface, examined carefully and as a result a medication was created to deal with it. It is known under the name of Viagra (Sildenafil).

Viagra is a highly effective medication aimed at dealing with impotence. The secret of its success hides in its active ingredient – sildenafil. This ingredient influences the work of two chemicals produced by a male’s body. One of them – cyclic GMP – is responsible for making blood vessels wider by lessening muscle tension in the genitalia area. It allows a large amount of blood enter penis and created enough pressure to make a penis erected. The action of cyclic GMP is controlled by the other chemical which reduces its action by making blood vessels narrower when the erection is not needed any more. The co-existence of these two chemicals is balanced normally. Only when it gets misbalanced impotence appears in a man’s life. Sildenafil interferes with the work of the chemicals making blood vessels in a penis possible and thus bringing along an erection.

salesHow does Viagra work? It needs 30-60 minutes to start acting. Its action lasts up to 4 hours making a man able to perform sexual activity. The patient is strongly recommended to avoid alcohol drinking and fat meals if he is going to take Viagra as it may affect the expected result or lead to side effects appearing. Sexual stimulation is required to achieve an erection.

What should be kept in mind. Sildenafil is taken once for 24 hour period. Don’t double the dose as it won’t be of any help – one pill is absolutely enough for the erection.

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